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Cheesy name... I know.


My goal with this page is to help you access your creative power in some way, shape, or form! It is my belief that everyone is inherently creative... yes, this means you too! This page will be a place where we can work through some philosophical questions about creativity together and address some common misconceptions about being "a creative." In addition, you will find random information and group projects (I like lists so there will likely be some of those for you to add to). For my students, this is where you might find some valuable resources and learn some cool creative concepts *wink wink nudge nudge.* 

Now at this point you might be saying, "Giovanna, I'm just not that creative" and I hear you. I just can't accept this. 


Let's define creativity real quick. It is said by the Oxford Dictionary that creativity is "the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness." Let's not get carried away here but have you ever had an idea? If you said, "yes" *gasp* you're creative! If you said, "no" 1. I don't believe you and 2. I'll help you come up with some.


It's often my STEM friends that deny they are creative. For my STEM people out there (and folks who don't believe they are creative), how do you think some of the greatest formulas were created? Do you think they popped out of thin air? No! They came from an idea and it is my goal to help you become aware of the thoughts that pop into your brain and maybe apply them to daily life!


Baking/cooking? Creative. Engineering? Creative. Math *shivers*? Creative. Cinematography? Creative. Medical professional? Creative. *For real, would you let a surgeon operate on you if they only knew how to follow a procedure to a T and if something happened to be slightly different (like most things in life are) not be able to help you? Probably not. Therefore, creative. Architect? Creative. Pilot? Creative. Race Car driver? Creative. Software engineer? Creative. Marine Biologist? Creative. 

I invite you all to contribute to the community by emailing me information you wish to see uploaded here and commenting on what you see. Remember, this is a safe space for everyone and No idea is a bad idea... there are just some that don't work as well as others.  

Everyone needs some creative awareness in their life so why not let me help you out! So let's dive in and take a look at that fantastic mind you have!

Welcome to the club!


Welcome to the Creative Corner

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